Spiritual But Not Religious: A Trail To The Truth


Throughout their life, people tend to be exposed to a diverse range of religious dogmas and practices. Fewer people know that if a person is deeply inclined to towards these, then that doesn’t necessarily mean leading towards spirituality. Though it is true that the words spiritual and religious have been used synonymously since ages but in contemporary, both the words differ from each other with a massive difference in their contexts.

Spiritual but not religious- Is that the real thing?

Both religion and spirituality teach a common subject matter, but their approaches are very distinct. What they both teach is that there is something more to the eye than we can see and more to our lives other than the physical body. Both accept the fact that there are non-physical components to the universe and our existence and unless and until we purposely connect with them, we will never be truly answered in life.

The elementary difference between religion and spirituality lies in their approach and methodologies that they present. Religion is deliberately aimed at presenting a certain set of dogmas, beliefs, and intermediaries between you and the Spirit(or some people call it the path to salvation); whereas spirituality is all about discovering your true self, recognizing individual autonomy and connecting the Spirit to your heart and mind, finding your true inner-self.

How spiritual awakening works?

Have you ever thought that Buddha was not Buddhist, nor Jesus was a Christian, but they possessed extremely well realized spiritual auras? This is the sole reason why it is said that Spirituality is the true origin and the true essence of every religious movement. You don’t need to be religious and stick to the stereotypical beliefs that every religion practices, all you need is being inclined towards the spiritual side of living and all the materialistic worries will fade in the air.

  • Religion either makes a person helpless or a terrorist, while spirituality is all about making a person realize the inner-self.
  • Religion divides people, Spirituality unites.
  • Religion is all about following a certain path whereas spirituality is about discovering a unique path for every person.
  • Religion demands sacrifice, whereas spirituality asks you to let go your present attachments for a better present.
  • Religion aims at converting you, whereas spirituality aims at inspiring you.
  • People fear the religion and o the other hand people crave for spirituality.
  • Religion asks you to act as per the rules; spirituality has no finite boundaries.
  • Religious emphasizes at telling you the truth whereas spirituality lets you discover it yourself.
  • Religion talks about punishment and threat of hell whereas Spirituality tells you how Karma works.
  • Religion has many forms whereas spirituality has many paths.

Winding up

It isn’t also necessarily important that religion and spirituality can’t work together. There are many examples of finding spirituality inside religion and for the people with whom spirituality and religion can work together; the difference may not be so relevant. But for those who are interested in finding pure spirituality, regardless of religious affiliation, spirituality is something spiritually needs not to be mixed with religion for connecting to the spirit.

The Relevance Of Religion And Spirituality In The Modern Contemporary World

Religion An d Spirituality

At one point of our lives or the other, we often find ourselves at the extremity of one situation or another, doubting ourselves and suspecting that whether we are on the right track or not. We often tend to question our actions and their consequences and lose faith in our inner self. Religion and spirituality establish the balance between our inner peace and the external surrounding in these extreme situations and stabilizes one’s life.

Humans are self-conscious and self-aware beings. This is the reason why people get self-centered and selfish with each passing day in their lives. They view the world only through the limits of their narrow mentality and selfish eyes. This is when religion and spirituality can be an eye-opener. The science hence is irrefutable and clear! You cannot underestimate the importance of religion and spirituality in life and society.

Unbelievable importance of Spirituality

A spiritual perspective of life has always shown people the right path to stay mentally strong negative times. Spirituality is not a onetime thing; it’s a lifelong journey that teaches you the true meaning of life providing a feeling of oneness with nature. There are many scientists, spiritual leaders as well as theories that provide strong evidence about how spiritual practices are associated with better health and well being.

There are many contemplative practices like meditation, yoga, prayer, and journalism that can be positively used to create a sense of the union of the positive vibes, enhance the concentration power and reduce stress effectively. Spirituality plays an essential role in defining the purpose of life, helps in social organization, promotes peace and harmony, improves mental and physical health, enhances growth and welfare and leads you towards a better way of living.

What are the functions that religion serves?

We human beings are deeply inclined towards finding an explanation for everything happening around us. There are a lot of complex things that even science can’t answer. Religion is something that answers everything that is beyond science. For diverse cultures and societies, religion acts as the glue that binds people together with common practices, beliefs, and rituals. Religion is that light that guides people through the tunnels of life and brings them to the other end.

Of course, you can live without religion but having a religion makes life a lot easier than living clueless without a guide in life. Religion teaches all the moral values and principles that are necessary to survive in society. Also, human beings seek purpose in their lives and religion gives many people that purpose. Moreover, religion helps any person with decision-making ability and sorts out the problems in their lives.

Summing up

It is important for humans to realize that even the civilizations did not truly begin until men found religion and there is no purpose of life without spirituality. Living without support is great, but with religion, probably you could find the support for each of your questions. We must assimilate the true values of religion and spirituality in our hearts to lead a happy and prosperous life.

Why Do People Practice Spirituality And Religion?

Practice and Spirituality

Spirituality that is often used synonymously for religion is one of the most debated topics of the millennium, but the fact that it is often misunderstood can’t also be denied. You can conduct a survey, and you will see 90% of the people saying religion and spirituality as the very same thing.

Religion can be defined as a specific set of organized beliefs and practices that are commonly shared by a community or group, whereas spirituality is all about promoting inner peace and defining the purpose of life. Also, spirituality also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the circumference and gist of life.

Perspective on the true purpose of religion and spirituality

No one can dissent from the fact that religious traditions have become calcified and spirituality is a mere concept now that has been evolving since ages without any persistent results. Religion is a thread that links us to the past and guides us tour future. Do you know that religion has derived its roots from two Latin words “re” and “ligare” that collectively means to reconnect?

The concept of religion can be considered to be relatively recent as compared to humanity. There are some of the oldest religious traditions like Hinduism that can be traced back to 6000 BCE. This suggests that human is walking in and along with religion and spirituality. Without religion and spirituality, there is no future.

Elementarily the sole purpose of religion and spirituality is to define a purpose to the lives of people and help them with their decision-making ability, paving the way for what’s the right thing. Without spirituality, there will be no positive aura on the planet and religion impacts almost every fold of human civilization.

Spirituality as a way of gaining perspective

Yes, it is true that religion can cause a lot of chaos in the society while defining its purpose, but the fact that it teaches higher qualities of love, mercy, kindness, and generosity to people can’t also be neglected. These natural qualities are a natural consequence of developing a deeper connection with the spiritual nature that is hidden inside us.

Together with religion and spirituality, human beings can create a better and a more harmonious world to live in. Spirituality and religion collectively promote the feeling of belonging and boosts self-esteem protecting from existential threats. Researchers say that spirituality is a major factor in promoting better mental health among depressed and stress individuals.

Also, religion and spirituality collectively encourage charity and altruism and proves as food for the soul. It is rightfully said that a man without a religion is like a tree without roots. Religion feeds the hunger of the soul and spirituality serves much more needs than your physical body does.

Is religion spreading negativity?

The fact that in the name of religion and spirituality, people are creating bad religious programming can’t also be denied. Injustice and wars are common, and rationalism for hatred and prejudice is enhancing. There are power hungry leaders that are making people lose their segregation for humanity. It’s all in your mind the more you get deeper into the concept, the more you discover!